Closing Google Chrome

How to close Google Chrome

Click the spanner icon on the browser toolbar and select Exit to close all open tabs and windows.

If you’re using Google Chrome on a Mac, you can also set the browser to show you a warning before you close the browser. This warning is disabled by default. Follow these steps to turn it on:

  •     Click Chrome on the top menu bar.
  •     Select Warn Before Quitting (?Q).

How to Force a web page or application to close

  •     Click the spanner icon on the browser toolbar.
  •     Select Tools.
  •     Select Task manager.
  •     Select the web page that you’d like to close.
  •     Click End process.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Esc (Windows and Linux) to open the Task Manager

Closing tabs and windows

Click the x icon on the tab or use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+W (Windows and Linux) and ?-W (Mac) to close a tab.

Click the x icon in the corner of the window, or use the keyboard shortcuts Alt+F4 (Windows and Linux) and ?-Shift-W (Mac) to close a window. Closing the last tab in a window also closes the window automatically.

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