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How to use the New Tab page

The New Tab page is what you see when you open a new tab in Google Chrome. It’s designed to get you to your favourite apps and sites as quickly as possible. To open the New Tab page, click the new tab button icon next to the last tab at the top of the browser window. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+T and (Mac: ?-T) to open the  New Tab page.

1. Most visited
Thumbnails of the websites that you visit the most are shown here. Just click a thumbnail to visit the site.

2. Navigate between sections
To navigate between sections, click the section’s label at the bottom of the page, or you can click the left or the right arrow icons at the sides of the page to go one section to the left or right.

3. Recently closed
Click “Recently closed” at the bottom right of the page to restore a closed tab or window.

4. Apps
Icons for the apps that you’ve installed from the Chrome Web Store appear here. Just click an icon to open the app.

If you’ve installed apps in Google Chrome on another computer, you can use the sync feature to automatically add those apps to the New Tab page on the computer that you are using.

To change how an app should be opened, right-click the app icon and select “Open as a regular tab“, “Open as a pinned tab” or “Open in full screen“. For additional settings, right-click the app and select “Options“.

5. Move app icons

You can reorder the app icons by clicking and dragging the icons in the “Apps” section. You can also move an app to another section by clicking and dragging the app and moving it to the section’s label at the bottom of the page.

You can also move an app to a new section. Click an app and start dragging to the bottom of the page. A new blank section will appear for you to drop the app into.

6. Label a section

You can rename a section by double-clicking the label and typing in a new name.

7. Remove an app or a most visited site

To uninstall an app from Chrome, right-click the app and select Remove from Chrome. Alternatively, when you click and drag an app, the “Remove from Chrome” recycle bin appears at the lower right-hand hand corner. Move the app to the button to uninstall.

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  1. I still don’t see Google Chrome as my web browser. All I have is Windows Internet Explorer. I want Goggle CHrome.

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