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Manage search engine options

Google Chrome automatically saves a list of the search engines that you’ve come across while browsing the web. For example, if you visit, the browser automatically detects and adds the YouTube search engine to the list of search engines that you can access from the address bar.

To add, edit or remove search engines manually from the browser, follow the steps below.

  •     Click the spanner icon on the browser toolbar.
  •     Select Options (Preferences on Mac and Linux; Settings on a Chromebook).
  •     Click the Basics tab.
  •     Click Manage search engines in the “Search” section.

Remove a search engine
Select the search engine from the list and click the x that appears at the end of the row.

Add a search engine
Scroll to the bottom of the dialogue and fill in the following fields.

  • Add a new search engine:Enter a nickname for the search engine.
  • Keyword: Enter the text shortcut that you want to use for the search engine. Use the keyword to do keyword searches.
  • URL: Enter the web address for the search engine. Learn how to find this URL

Edit a search engine
Select the search engine from the list and click the field that you want to modify.

Make a search engine default
Select the search engine that you want to use as your default search engine and click the Make default button that appears in the row.

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