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Google Chrome privacy settings

There are several browser options use information, such as the webpages you’re visiting, to enhance and protect your Read More

Reset browser settings

Google Chrome has the option to reset your browser settings in one easy click.Read More

Manage and Uninstall Extensions

You can uninstall your Google Chrome extensions by following the instructions below:Read More

Google Chrome advanced security settings

Google Chrome has security measures in place to help protect you as you browse the web. Read More

How to install Google Chrome Extensions

Anyone can install free items, as well as paid items supported by a third-party payment option.Read More

How to move the Google Chrome Browser bookmarks to a new computer!

Google Chrome includes a bookmark management tool that allows you to organize your bookmarks, export them for backup or import them from another computer.Read More

Chrome Cookies and Adjust Cookie Permission

Cookies are files created by websites you’ve visited that store browsing information, such as your site preferences or profile information.Read More

Google Chrome print preview settings

You can use the print preview screen to see how your web page or document will look when you print it from Google ChromeRead More

Manage search engine options

Google Chrome automatically saves a list of the search engines that you’ve come across while browsing the web.Read More

Google Chrome Zoom Settings

Changing text, image and video sizes How to set page zoom for all web pagesRead More

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