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Page content doesn’t display correctly

Page content doesn’t display correctly, such as: Page links or images align to the left with missing text.Read More

Plug-ins incompatible with Google Chrome Browser Frame

Some plug-ins (also called add-ons within Internet Explorer) work incorrectly and may crash when Google Chrome Browser Frame is installed.Read More

Reporting an issue

Need to report a technical issue or problem with Google Chrome Browser? If so, follow these steps:Read More

Text not displaying properly

If you notice squares showing up in the webpages you visit instead of text, try manually substituting the webpage’s encoding. Follow these steps:Read More

Webpages load slowly or don’t load at all

Multiple reasons could be preventing webpages from loading quickly in Google Chrome Browser.Read More

Windows Media Player plug-in

If you allow websites to use plug-ins and the browser detects that you’re missing a plug-in for a particular siteRead More

YouTube videos show “Video is no longer available”

f YouTube videos won’t play in Google Chrome Browser and instead show the message “Video is no longer available,” Read More

“Update server not available” error

Error 1 means that Google Chrome can’t be upgraded in its current directory.Read More

Software that may cause Google Chrome to Crash

Some third-party software can cause Google Chrome to crash. When this happens, you’ll see the message “Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed.”Read More

Google Chrome Conflicting Accounts

You can see a “Heads up!” alert in the Chrome Web Store if you’re signed in to the ChromeRead More

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