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Manage browsing history

You can use the History page to view a list of websites you’ve ever visited in the last 10 weeks while using Google Chrome in standard mode.Read More

Adjust images, JavaScript, and other web content settings

Use the Content Settings dialog to manage the following settings: cookies, images, JavaScript, plug-ins, pop-ups, location sharing, and notifications.Read More

Deleting cache and clearing Browsing data

You have full control over your browsing data which includes your browsing and download history, cache, cookies, passwords and saved form data.Read More

Making Webpages Load Faster (Prerendering Setting)

When a website is confident about predicting what link you might click next, the site can tell Google ChromeRead More

How to Update Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome automatically updates whenever it detects that a new version of the browser is available to make sure that you’re protected by the latest securityRead More

Google Chrome Screen reader support

Google Chrome is compatible with some screen readers used by blind and visually impaired users on Windows and Mac OS X.Read More

How to use the Translation Bar

Google Chrome’s built-in translation bar helps you read more of the web, regardless of the language of the web page you are on.Read More

How to use Google Chrome Browser protocol handlers

Google Chrome lets websites ask you whether you’d like to use their services to handle specific web protocols, such as “mailto:” links or “webcal:”Read More

How to use Google Chrome Browser spellcheck

Google Chrome’s built-in spellchecker can automatically check your spelling in web forms and text fields.Read More

Address Bar Predictions Google Chrome

When you type in the address bar, Google Chrome Browser can use a prediction service to help you complete the web addresses and search terms that you enterRead More

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