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Deleting Browsing History

To delete some or all your browsing history from Google Chrome, follow instruct?ons below:Read More

Opening tabs, Windows and Files

Click the New Tab page icon next to the last tab, which opens the New Tab pageRead More

Protecting Your Synced Data

When you set up sync, Google Chrome uses a cryptographic key generated from your Google Account password to encrypt your synced dataRead More

Google Chrome Linux Keyboard Shortcuts

Knowing some of the Google Chrome Linux keyboard shortcuts listed below can help save you time.Read More

Google Chrome Mac keyboard shortcuts

Knowing some of the Google Chrome Mac shortcuts listed below can help save you time.Read More

Google Chrome Windows Shortcuts

Keyboard and mouse shortcuts are combinations of keyboard strokes and mouse clicks that you can use to perform specific actions.Read More

Syncing bookmarks across multiple computers

You can save your bookmarks, extensions, apps, theme and browser preferences to your Google Account,Read More

How to install a theme

To install a theme from the Chrome Web Store, you need to follow these steps below:Read More

Download Google Chrome

How to install Google Chrome is an open-source web browser built to support web applications and search with speed and stability.Read More

Downloads with Google Chrome

Downloading a file, Find downloaded files, Clear download history, File auto-opening settings, Default download locationRead More

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