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There are many other browsers you can try… Please visit Google Chrome Download for more information! Also you can download Firefox Browser  from Firefox Browser Download.

Download and Install Google Chrome:

How to install

Google Chrome is an open-source web browser built to support web applications and search with speed and stability. Google Chrome is a free web browser that takes just minutes to install. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. In this article, You can follow through each step of the installation process.

Steps to install

To install Google Chrome for your user account, follow these steps below. Want to install the browser for all user accounts on a Windows computer? You can install Google Chrome through Google Pack.

Visit .

Alternatively please visit to download and see all other browser alternatives including Google Chrome.

Above the download button, verify the browser language from the drop-down menu.

Click Download Google Chrome. By downloading the installer file from this site, you can be sure that Google Chrome will be updated with the latest features and security fixes.

Review the Terms of Service and click Accept and Install to continue.

Once the installer file has been downloaded, a “Welcome to Google Chrome” dialogue appears and prompts you to choose the search engine that you’d like to use by default in the browser.

Your home page settings and browser history will be imported from your default browser automatically. A Google Chrome window will open once everything is set up, or:

You can download Google Chrome latest stable version links below:

Latest stable version:
[download id=”45″]

Earlier versions:
Version 46
[download id=”44″]
Version 45
[download id=”43″]
Version 44
[download id=”42″]
Version 43
[download id=”41″]
Version 42
[download id=”40″]
Version 41
[download id=”39″]
Version 40
[download id=”38″]
Version 39
[download id=”37″]
Version 38
[download id=”36″]
Version 37
[download id=”35″]
Version 36
[download id=”34″]
Version 35
[download id=”33″]
Version 34
[download id=”32″]
Version 33
[download id=”31″]
Version 32
[download id=”30″]
Version 31
[download id=”29″]
Version 30
[download id=”28″]
Version 29
[download id=”27″]
Version 28
[download id=”26″]
Version 27
[download id=”25″]
Version 26
[download id=”24″]
Version 25
[download id=”23″]
Version 24
[download id=”22″]
Version 23
[download id=”21″]
Version 22
[download id=”20″]
Version 21
[download id=”19″]
Version 20
[download id=”18″]
Version 19
[download id=”17″]
Version 18
[download id=”16″]
Version 17
[download id=”15″]
Version 16
[download id=”14″]
Version 15
[download id=”13″]
Version 14
[download id=”12″]
Version 13
[download id=”11″]
Version 12
[download id=”10″]
Version 11
[download id=”9″]
Version 10
[download id=”8″]
Version 9
[download id=”7″]
Version 8
[download id=”6″]
Version 6
[download id=”5″]
Version 5
[download id=”4″]
Version 4
[download id=”3″]
Version 3
[download id=”2″]
Version 2
[download id=”1″]

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