Google Chrome Settings

Google Chrome print preview settings

You can use the print preview screen to see how your web page or document will look when you print it from Google Chrome.

Print settings:

  • Click the spanner icon on the browser toolbar.
  • Select Print.

You’ll be able to adjust basic settings before printing.


  • Select the printer that you want to use.
  • Select Print to PDF if you’d like to convert the web page into a PDF file.
  • Select Manage printer to bring up the printer control panel.


  • Select All to print every page.
  • You can also select specific pages to print by entering the page numbers.


  • Use the + or – buttons to change how many copies you’d like to print. You can also enter the numbers directly into the box.
  • Select the “Two-sided” checkbox to print on both sides of the paper if you have a duplex printer.

Choose whether the page should be printed in Portrait or Landscape orientation.
Choose whether the page should be printed in Colour or Black and white.
Click this link to open the system’s print manager.

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