Google Chrome Sync errors

Sync errors on the bookmarks bar
If your sync sign-in information becomes outdated, you may see a sync error notification on the bookmarks bar.

Steps to follow to fix this issue:

  •  Click the error for exact details.
  •  If you’re prompted to sign in, enter your normal Google Account username and password. 2-step verification users: Do not enter an application-specific password here.
  •  If you use 2-step verification, you may next be asked to enter an “application-specific password” or an “access code”. In either case, generate the password on your Authorising applications and sites page and paste it into the dialogue.

“Sync needs your attention” message

You can sync your saved passwords to your Google Account. If you’ve enabled sync and you’ve chosen to sync everything, you’ll be asked to configure password sync once it becomes available for your version of Chrome.

  •  Click Configure password sync in the message at the bottom of the New Tab page.
  • Enter your normal Google Account username and password.
  • Confirm that you wish to continue syncing everything, including your saved passwords

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